As an avid wine collector storing precious wine bottle collection at home, there should be some realization at one stage or the other that you would require furniture for wine storage; therefore, it might be a good idea to find some inspiration online or at wine storage stores that would have ample of good ideas for you. And as you shop for wine storage furniture, you might come across wine cooler or fridge outlets, such as the wine cooler Liebherr, which specializes in high-end wine storage solutions and other accessories. In addition, with great ideas up your sleeve for your wine fridge, you should consider dealing with a reliable wine fridge manufacturer to ensure you get only the best out of your investments, not only for a properly working and functional wine cooler or fridge but also add some wine fridge furniture and accessories, such as aerators, decanters and the finest of wine glasses, to name just a few of many in availability.

Single-serving tray

Not only is this type of serving tray unique as it holds one single long-stem wine glass, but it is also made from solid wood in the shape of a square, with enough space for some personal snacks that would complement the type of wine of choice, for example, some nicely put together cheese, crackers, and caviar and dates, why not invest in such a small but excellent piece?


A carousel

Suppose you desire to entertain a large group of people consisting of friends, family, or co-workers. You might be interested in investing in a type of carousel serving tray, which is functional as it can hold up to six wine glasses, hanging from the top part, with a division in the middle for the finest of wine bottles and next to it. In addition, why not incorporate a few serving dishes filled with snacks for visitors to savor?

Caddy or decanter tray?

Yes, why not a wine caddy, as this version of a serving tray serves around four to six people, with ample space whereby two wine bottles can be securely placed inside as well as space between the wooden planks for long stem beautifully designed crystal wine glass, for example, and a space in the middle whereby snacks such as grapes and cheese can be displayed and enjoyed upon. And by thinking of something more sophisticated, why not invest in a decanter tray version, whereby fortified wine bottles, such as sherry or port, can be served by placing a stunning piece of a glass decanter in the middle with four glasses surrounding it? Moreover, imagine doing this type of solid wood and varnished piece in front of the fireplace.

Snack board and glass tray

Additionally, when talking about enjoying a bottle of fine wine, there would be some mention of having a snack board filled with delicious entrees such as grapes, olives, or dates to compliment any wine-tasting experience; throw in some cheese; bob is your uncle! In addition, why not invest in something artsier and handmade, such as a recycled glass tray made especially for those delicious snacks intended to be savored while standing around a beautifully decorated table and savoring the best of the best wine in bottles collected over the years under the proud ownership of the fine wine bottle collector.

Painter’s wine tray

Suppose you desire something extraordinary to show off your because long stem wine glasses, it might be of reasonable consideration to invest in owning a form painter’s wine tray, which is lightweight and allows for the stems of the glasses to stand on their own, forming the exact shape of that of a painters tray.